Indigeneity is a space for Indigenous people around the world to discuss the issues, importance and intersections of Indigenous life. It is also a space for non-Indigenous people to respectfully learn.

Indigenous people the world over have been defined by the United Nations, by Nation States and Non-Governmental Organizations. Other cultures have characterized Indigenous people as poverty porn, romanticized images of resistance and natural beauty, and overlooked and counted them out for hundreds of years, not realizing that they still exist in the here and now, oftentimes hidden in plain sight.

Indigeneity is an opportunity for Indigenous people to define and characterize ourselves without worrying about offending colonizer ears, eyes or sensibilities. Non-Indigenous people are welcome here as long as they understand that you are visitors here. Just like the land you stand on now, no matter where you read this, you are in an Indigenous space. Come hang out! Interact even! But don’t try to correct, don’t get offended and you just might learn something. Indigenous people are speaking truth to power, their own truths, which may or may not be completely different than another Indigenous person’s truth. We do come from all educational backgrounds, political beliefs, colors and economic strata; don’t be surprised by the diversity you find here.

This is a labor of love. Indigenous authors who share their thoughts are compensated for their work. If you choose to contribute, please contribute. In either event, we appreciate you stopping by and visiting. Welcome to Indigeneity.